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Short-Term Radon Measurement Closed Building Conditions Occupant Notifications

We are currently conducting a radon assessment in your building. Your unit or location may have been selected for deployment of a measurement device. If a measurement device is deployed at your unit or location, access dates for purposes of placing and retrieving the device were included in the notice previously distributed by your management office or site contact:

During the measurement period, regardless of whether a measurement device is deployed at your unit or location, you are required to maintain the following closed building conditions to ensure a valid measurement:

Keep all doors and windows closed.

All windows must be kept closed. All exterior doors must be kept closed, except for normal entry and exit. Windows and doors must be kept closed for a period of 12 hours prior to the device placement date and remain closed effect until the devices are retrieved.

Do not run fans.

Whole house fans must not be operated. Window air conditioning units may only be operated in recirculation mode. Portable window fans must be removed from the window or sealed in place.

Only operate gas appliances when necessary.

Fireplaces or combustion appliances, other than water heaters and cooking appliances, must not be operated unless they are your primary heat source.

Keep portable fans and filters 20 feet away from the measurement device.

If a device is deployed at your unit or location, ceiling fans, portable air filters, portable dehumidifiers, portable humidifiers, or window air conditioning units operating in recirculation mode must not be operated within 20’ of the device.

Do not touch the measurement device. Operate your HVAC in a normal range.

If a device is deployed at your unit or location, the device must not be touched, tampered with, covered, removed, altered, or moved from where it is deployed. Your HVAC system must be operated in the normal range – your thermostat should not be adjusted drastically, and your fan should be set in normal mode.

Thank you for your assistance!

The professional placing and retrieving the devices is required to report any failure to maintain these closed building conditions. Failure to maintain these conditions could result in an invalid measurement and require the measurement to be repeated.

Your assistance in helping to ensure a valid measurement in greatly appreciated. Contact your management office or site contact with questions regarding this notification. Thank you.