Our Community Needs a Radon Awareness Story!

Let's work together to give the gift of radon awareness to our community by creating a high impact story that sheds light on this common but deadly, cancer-causing gas.

Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and levels are often highest in the colder months.

Radon is a huge public health issue that impacts anyone with lungs, and there are opportunities for anyone in the newsroom to help get the message out and save more lives as families are gathering, indoors, for the holidays!

Exposure to radon can be limited with proper testing and mitigation, but it all starts with awareness!

Press Release

A New Report Shows Lung Cancer Survival Rate Gains, Lingering Disparities, And An Urgent Need To Increase Screening And Proactive Prevention

When Are Radon Levels the Highest?​

Indoor radon levels are often found to be highest during winter months, due to several factors.

Protect Environmental Radon Experts - Interviews Available

Kyle Hoylman

Chief Executive Officer

Protect Environmental

“Since there are so many variables, it is best to test in the cooler months so that if mitigation is needed you can benchmark and reduce indoor radon levels based on when they will likely be the highest risk to human health.” 

Kyle Hoylman, CEO for Protect Environmental

Kyle Hoylman co-founded Protect Environmental in 2005, where he currently serves as CEO. During his tenure, the company has completed more than 200,000 soil gas projects across all 50 states and 2 US territories, making it the largest soil gas contractor in the United States.  


He has in-depth experience in managing soil gas projects in all building types, leading to the development of several proprietary systems for radon measurement, soil gas mitigation, and management of long-term stewardship on radon and vapor intrusion contaminated sites. 


Kyle currently serves on the EPA Vapor Intrusion Science Advisory Committee and the EPA Radon Leadership Committee, which is responsible for developing the National Radon Action Plan (NRAP). Kyle also chairs the standards management committee responsible for oversight of the  ANSI standards for soil gas measurement and mitigation, serves as president of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), and is president of the Kentucky Association of Radon Professionals (KARP). Kyle was appointed by Kentucky Governor Beshear and elected to chair the Kentucky Board of Radon Safety in 2022. 

Terry Kerwin

Director, Business Development

Protect Environmental

“I’ve been to too many homes where no one knew to test for radon until someone in the home got the devastating diagnosis of lung cancer.” 

Terry Kerwin, Director, Business Development for Protect Environmental

Terry Kerwin is National Director of Business Development at Protect Environmental, Past President and Treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AARST, and former owner of Reliant Radon Solutions, now a Protect Environmental company. With a background in finance and management Terry has 20 years of experience operating and growing multiple successful local businesses including launching her own radon reduction company reaching over one million in annual sales. Terry has more than eight years of experience in the radon industry.  


Terry leads with passion and purpose to make a difference. After losing a dear friend to radon-induced lung cancer, her dedication to prevention and education have become key missions that guide her work.


In 2017, Terry co-founded WAR (Women Against Radon; a Campaign for CanSAR). Amplifying advocacy efforts Terry has developed lasting relationships and participates in community awareness events and programs with organizations like the American Lung Association, the White Ribbon Project, and The Breath of Hope. Terry has served on the national board of AARST, and currently serves on the AARST Government Affairs Committee, the Lung Task Force, and Radon Sub-Committee for the Colorado Cancer Coalition, and continues to attend and speak at the International Symposiums and EPA Region 8 conferences. 


She also initiated and helped lead advocacy efforts resulting in two successful legislative efforts in Colorado. Terry is an NRPP-certified mitigation specialist and measurement professional, Colorado state-licensed, and is focused on initiatives to improve awareness of environmental contaminants to educate and save lives. 

Additional Interview Connections Upon Request:

  • Lung cancer survivors and doctors to help audiences relate to the health impacts of high indoor radon
  • American Lung Association representatives to speak to the national partnership that provides unprecedented access to professional radon testing and the impact on lung health

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Learn About Radon in Your Area

Enter your zip code to search the radon levels in your area and learn more about your risk of exposure. 

We made this tool to help our communities understand the radon risk in their area. Our interactive search tool pulls from our comprehensive database of radon test results, which includes more than 2.5 million data points compiled from sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as our own internal testing data, to provide radon risk information for communities across the United States.

This link can be used as an on-screen QR code for viewers to search their zip code’s average radon risk in real time. 

January is National Radon Action Month!

Need time to create a more in-depth story? Here’s your heads up!

We encourage our communities to take action against radon as soon as they are aware, but National Radon Action Month is coming, making January a great opportunity to push our community to create safe indoor air environments in the places they live, work, and learn!

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