Commercial Radon Services

Protect Environmental is your trusted expert for radon testing, mitigation, and monitoring. We will work with you for your liability peace of mind with expert commercial radon services for any project size or location. 

Radon Testing

The only way to know if there is a radon problem in any building is to test for it. Regardless of your building type, our certified professionals have the tools and expertise to efficiently test with accuracy.

Radon Mitigation

Our process for mitigation is efficient with a focus on quality. Our certified team uses the best materials to ensure your installed mitigation system protects your buildings for years to come.

Radon Maintenance

it is important that your mitigation systems continue to function properly, otherwise, the risk could still remain and so could your liability. Learn more about our Our proprietary patented designed for the ongoing monitoring of contaminated sites. 

Radon and Liability

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It can enter buildings through cracks in the foundation, water sources, and windows. When it comes to your multifamily buildings, industrial factory workplaces, or other commercial sites, radon can become your liability. It is responsible for more than 21,000 deaths a year as the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Your buildings could have a radon problem, meaning that your stakeholders are at risk.

Protect Environmental is the trusted partner for radon testing and mitigation in your commercial buildings. We deliver on efficient, quality, work for your peace of mind and to help you stay in front of liability and regulatory standards.

Your Trusted Professionals for Peace of Mind Protection

Providing expert service from trusted professionals for ongoing indoor air quality health and safety for any home.


We’ve streamlined the measurement process to provide efficient and detailed results.


Certified professional mitigation system design, installation, and maintenance for any home or building.


Expert products and services to monitor the ongoing function of installed mitigation systems.


Certified professional maintenance services to keep your systems running and operating for years to come.

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Our team of experts build and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable indoor environments in the communities we serve.

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