Radon Sentinel Measurement System

Measurement System

Our proprietary technology that reduces commercial radon testing project turnaround times by avoiding follow up testing and limiting invalid results.

Minimize turnaround times, reduce costs, and limit disruptions.

Our commercial radon testing system sets a new standard for getting projects done quickly and economically. Utilizing our exclusive Radon Sentinel Measurement System technology, we can help clients achieve project completion with minimal delays, reduced costs, and limited disruptions.

Minimize turnaround times
reduce project costs
limit resident & staff disruptions
digitalized large-scale use

More efficient testing

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Expert Commercial Radon Testing Services

Whatever your project needs, our remote monitoring solution provides a more efficient and effective solution for managing long-term risk and liability on your impacted chemical vapor intrusion sites. Our devices can be installed on any mitigation system, whether new or previously installed.

Commercial Radon OM&M

Customized ongoing support to help you achieve site closure and liability peace of mind against radon for years to come.

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