Radon Mitigation for Home

Professional radon mitigation for your home ensures safety from radon exposure. Make your home a safe place to breathe.

Protecting your home with radon mitigation

If your home tests at a level of 4.0 pCi/L or higher, the EPA recommends mitigation to ventilate toxic radon out of your home. Signs of a correctly installed mitigation system are a properly functioning fan attachment and piping that extends past the roof line.

Mitigation systems can be installed in or outside of your home and essentially function as a vacuum from below the foundation, up through the mitigation system piping, and out above the roofline.

Efficient and Certified Radon Mitigation Installation

Efficient Service

Certified Professionals

Follow-up Testing

Our Radon Mitigation Process for Your Home

The process to install a mitigation system takes about one day and, although somewhat straightforward, it is important that it is done correctly. Here at Protect Environmental, all of our technicians are qualified, certified, and highly skilled in radon mitigation system installation. We work with certified electricians to ensure quality from the beginning of the process to the end. Our priority is your peace of mind and the safety of your home, done the right way.

Efficient Scheduling

Our professionals work with you to schedule a time for an in-person professional radon mitigation evaluation and mitigation system installation. Our team will work with your schedule and keep you informed every step of the way.

At Home Mitigation Evaluation

Once your evaluation is scheduled, a certified professional will come inspect your home. They will look for a number of factors, such as your initial radon level, your home size, age of the home, and foundation type. Once the evaluation is complete, our team can provide a quote for radon mitigation system installation. 

Mitigation System Installation

The process to install a mitigation system takes approximately one business day. All of our technicians are qualified, certified, and highly skilled in radon mitigation system installation. We work with licensed electricians to ensure quality from start to finish.

Follow-up Testing and Results

To ensure your mitigation system is running properly, a radon professional will schedule a 48 hour radon test. Our team works with you every step of the way for peace of mind protection against radon exposure. 

Make Your Home a Safe Place to Breathe

Radon System Maintenance

Professional radon maintenance for your home is essential to ensure your mitigation system is functioning properly.

What's Your Radon Risk?

Enter your zip code to search the radon levels in your neighborhood and learn more about your risk of exposure. 

Your Trusted Professionals for Peace of Mind Protection

Providing expert service from trusted professionals for ongoing indoor air quality health and safety for any home.


We’ve streamlined the measurement process to provide efficient and detailed results.


Certified professional mitigation system design, installation, and maintenance for any home or building.


Expert products and services to monitor the ongoing function of installed mitigation systems.


Certified professional maintenance services to keep your systems running and operating for years to come.

The Protect Promise

Expert Service

Our team has completed thousands of projects spanning all 50 U.S. states and 2 U.S. territories in our 15+ years in business. We have a proven track record for challenging the status quo to deliver the most efficient, effective, and economical products and services to our clients.

Trusted Professionals

Our professionals are licensed and certified to provide our industry-leading indoor air quality services for effective liability management. Protect Environmental is your trusted partner dedicated to your project success and liability peace of mind.

Peace of Mind Protection

To help you sleep better at night, we partner with you to achieve site closure and establish an efficient and effective long-term liability management plan on impacted sites.

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What's Your Radon Risk?

Enter your zip code to learn about the radon levels near you.

what's your radon risk?

What's Your Radon Risk?

Search your zip code to find out the average radon levels near you.

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