Soil Gas New Construction Installation and Oversight

National turnkey soil gas new construction system installation and oversight services completed by our experts.

Liability Peace of Mind from the Ground Up.

CC-1000 Standard implementation
Onsite PFE Testing
expert oversight & verification
qualified technicians

Partnering with you for site closure and liability peace of mind.

Our Soil Gas New Construction Installation & Oversight Process

Our nationally mobilized soil gas experts are qualified to implement your soil gas control system with specialized radon and vapor intrusion mitigation expertise. Upon installation, our team continues to work with you on your liability management through oversight and monitoring services for your liability peace of mind against soil gases in your new development.


Our experts work with you to understand the specific scope, needs, and challenges of your project. Because every new development is unique, our approach must be also. Our experts help gauge what your next best course of action is for effective long-term risk management against soil gas intrusion.


By offering expert CAD design services, our clients can be confident that they have a full-proof mitigatin plan in place to efficiently and effectively mitigate their risk. Learn more about our soil gas new construction design services.

Material Procurement

Just as important as an expert design plan and professional installation are the materials used to complete the project. Our team has more than 15 years of specialized expertise in mitigating soil gases. We compile a list of best-in-class materials required to effectively complete the project while keeping your bottom line in mind.


Our experienced team of professionals possess the knowledge and qualifications to effectively complete the soil gas barrier installation for any project size or location. We do not outsource this work to third party contractors to ensure the installation is being completed to our quality standards. 

Post-Construction Verification

Protect Environmental’s Consulting Department assists with follow-up commercial radon testing to determine whether activation of the mitigation system is required. With the use of our proprietary Radon Sentinel Measurement System, we are able to greatly eliminate the need for follow up testing to keep your projects moving forward. 

Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

In keeping with HUD lending requirements, our experts develop a plan for follow up testing to ensure the property remains protected against hazardous soil gases. If at any point the system requires activation, this can be implemented efficiently because of the passive system that was already installed during construction.

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Utilizing our proprietary Radon Sentinel CRM to keep your projects on track.

Learn more about our highly sensitive active CRM radon testing device. This exclusive technology is only available with our expert commercial radon testing service for more detailed, efficient, and accurate results.

Best in Class Products for liability management

Our Proprietary Vapor Sentinel New Construction and Remote Monitoring product lines take your liability peace of mind to the next level.

Your Trusted Partner for Liability Peace of Mind

Providing expert service from trusted professionals for ongoing indoor air quality management and liability protection for any building type. 


A proprietary measurement system to reduce your overall project costs, minimize project turnaround time, and limit hassles for building occupants and management.


Certified professionals possessing the qualifications and experience to design and implement a mitigation system design tuned for optimal long-term cost of ownership for any building type. 


Proprietary products for data collection and reporting to meet lending policy and regulatory requirements, and support ongoing IAQ liability management. 


Expert ongoing operation and maintenance services to ensure your mitigation systems are functioning as designed and your liability is effectively managed. 

The Protect Promise

Expert Service

Our team has completed thousands of projects spanning all 50 U.S. states and 2 U.S. territories. We have a proven track record for challenging the status quo to deliver the most efficient, effective, and economical products and services to our clients. 

Trusted Professionals

Our professionals are licensed and certified to provide our industry-leading indoor air quality services for effective liability management. Protect Environmental is your trusted partner dedicated to your project success.

Peace of Mind Protection

To help you sleep better at night, we partner with you to achieve project closure and establish an efficient and effective long-term management plan on impacted sites. 

Ensure the success of your soil gas new construction design

Effective liability management starts with an expert design plan. Our team has more than 15 years of specialized radon and vapor intrusion mitigation experience to leverage for your liability peace of mind.

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