Radon Intrusion Regulatory Guidance

Radon Intrusion Guidance by state, all in one place. Last updated 4/1/2021. 

StateAgencyGuidance Documentation & Resources
ALAlabama Radon ProgramAL Radon Map
AL Radon Fact Sheet
AKAlaska Radon ProgramAK Radon Map
AK Fact Sheet
AZArizona Radon ProgramAZ Radon Map
AZ Radon Fact Sheet
ARArkansas Radon ProgramAR Radon Map
AR Radon Fact Sheet
CACalifornia Radon ProgramCA Radon Map
CA Radon Fact Sheet
COColorado Radon ProgramCO Radon Map
CO Radon Fact Sheet
CTConnecticut Radon ProgramCT Radon Map
CT Radon Fact Sheet
DEDelaware Radon ProgramDE Radon Map
DE Radon Fact Sheet
DCDistrict of Columbia Radon ProgramDC Radon Fact Sheet
FLFlorida Radon ProgramFlorida Licensed Measurement Businesses
Florida Licensed Measurement Individuals
Florida Licensed Mitigation Businesses
Florida Licensed Mitigation Individuals
Florida Radon Statute (FS404.056)
Florida Radon Code (64E-5, Parts X and XII)
FL Radon Map
FL Radon Fact Sheet
GAGeorgia Radon ProgramGA Radon Map
GA Radon Fact Sheet
HIHawaii Radon ProgramHI Radon Map
HI Radon Fact Sheet
IDIdaho Radon ProgramID Radon Map
ID Radon Fact Sheet
ILIllinois Radon ProgramIllinois Licensed Commercial Radon Contractors
Illinois Licensed Radon Laboratories
Illinois Radon Data (includes maps)
Illinois Administrative Code (Title 32, Part 422)
IL Radon Map
Tenant Radon Protection Act
IL Radon Fact Sheet
Radon Guide for Tenants
Disclosure of Information on Radon Hazards form (for Current and Prospective Tenants)
INIndiana Radon ProgramIllinois Licensed Commercial Radon Contractors
Illinois Licensed Radon Laboratories
Illinois Radon Data (includes maps)
Illinois Administrative Code (Title 32, Part 422)
IL Radon Map
IL Radon Fact Sheet
IAIowa Radon ProgramIA Radon Map
IA Radon Fact Sheet
KSKansas Radon ProgramKS Radon Map
KS Radon Fact Sheet
KS Administrative Regulations (Volume 42, Issue 41, Sections 28-35-603 to 28-35-605)
KYKentucky Radon Program Notice of Statutory Amendments and Proposed Rule Making – June 2019
Kentucky Radon Data (includes maps)
Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS 211.9101-9135)
Kentucky Administrative Regulations (902 KAR 95:040)
KY Radon Map
KY Radon Fact Sheet
LALouisiana Radon ProgramLA Radon Map
LA Radon Fact Sheet
MEMaine Radon ProgramME Radon Map
ME Radon Fact Sheet
MDMaryland Radon ProgramMD Radon Map
MD Radon Fact Sheet
MAMassachusetts Radon ProgramMA Radon Map
MA Radon Fact Sheet
MIMichigan Radon ProgramMI Radon Map
MI Radon Fact Sheet
MNMinnesota Radon ProgramMN Radon Map
MN Radon Fact Sheet
MSMississippi Radon ProgramMS Radon Map
MS Radon Fact Sheet
MOMissouri Radon ProgramMO Radon Map
MO Radon Fact Sheet
MTMontana Radon ProgramMT Radon Map
MT Radon Fact Sheet
NENebraska Radon ProgramNE Radon Map
NE Radon Fact Sheet
NVNevada Radon ProgramNV Radon Map
NV Radon Fact Sheet
NHNew Hampshire Radon ProgramNH Radon Map
NH Radon Fact Sheet
NJNew Jersey Radon ProgramNJ Radon Map
NJ Radon Fact Sheet
NMNew Mexico Radon ProgramNM Radon Map
NM Radon Fact Sheet
NYNew York Radon ProgramNY Radon Map
NY Radon Fact Sheet
NCNorth Carolina Radon ProgramNC Radon Map
NC Radon Fact Sheet
NDNorth Dakota Radon ProgramND Radon Map
ND Radon Fact Sheet
OHOhio Radon ProgramRadon Information Notice – Multifamily Testing Requirements – April 2018
Ohio Licensed Radon Measurement Contractors
Ohio Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractors
Ohio Radon Data (includes maps)
Ohio Radon Information Notices
Ohio Administrative Code (3701-69: Radon)
Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 3723: Radon)
OH Radon Map
OH Radon Fact Sheet
OKOklahoma Radon ProgramOK Radon Map
OK Radon Fact Sheet
OROregon Radon ProgramOR Radon Map
OR Radon Fact Sheet
PAPennsylvania Radon ProgramPennsylvania Licensed Radon Measurement Contractors
Pennsylvania Licensed Radon Mitigation Contractors
Pennsylvania Licensed Radon Laboratories
Pennsylvania Radon Data
Pennsylvania Code (Title 25, Chapter 240)
PA Radon Map
PA Radon Fact Sheet
RIRhode Island Radon ProgramRI Radon Map
RI Radon Fact Sheet
SCSouth Carolina Radon ProgramSC Radon Map
SC Radon Fact Sheet
SDSouth Dakota Radon ProgramSD Radon Map
TNTennessee Radon ProgramTN Radon Map
TN Radon Fact Sheet
TXTexas Radon ProgramTX Radon Map
TX Radon Fact Sheet
UTUtah Radon ProgramUT Radon Map
UT Radon Fact Sheet
VTVermont Radon ProgramVT Radon Map
VT Radon Fact Sheet
VAVirginia Radon ProgramVA Radon Map
VA Radon Fact Sheet
WAWashington Radon ProgramWA Radon Map
WA Radon Fact Sheet
WVWest Virginia Radon ProgramWest Virginia Radon Licensure Law (Chapter 16, Article 34)
West Virginia Radon Licensure Rule (64-CSR-78)
WV Radon Map
WV Radon Fact Sheet
WIWisconsin Radon ProgramWI Radon Map
WI Radon Fact Sheet
WYWyoming Radon ProgramWY Radon Map
WY Radon Fact Sheet

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