Our Culture

A diverse team of mission-oriented, community focused, individuals working together to create healthy, safe, and sustainable indoor environments in the communities we serve.

A Mission to Save Lives Nationwide

At the heart of the work we do is a passion to protect those in our communities from the dangerous affects of exposure to harmful indoor contaminants.

We are Team Green

Our values are what drive us, our employees are who make us. As a team, we care for each other so that we can put our best foot forward for our clients and the communities we seek to protect. Our work is important and promoting a culture of health and safety internally is what enables us to provide expert service from our trusted professionals for our communities’ safety and peace of mind protection every day.

Healthy Sense of Urgency
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The Fight Against Lung Cancer

Team Green cultivates a spirit of advocacy for many causes – the fight against radon-induced lung cancer at the forefront.


By supporting local and national events and partnering with organizations like the American Lung Association, we strive to #EndTheLungCancerStigma in raising awareness that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer, not just those with a history of smoking.


By testing for and mitigating against harmful indoor contaminants, we protect our communities from exposure to cancer-casuing radon and chemical vapors.


Find Your Place

The Team Green mindset promotes inclusion, diversity, and acceptance, which enables each employee to bring who they are to work each day. We believe that we need the unique perspectives and strengths of each other to best work together for our communities’ safety. We are truly stronger together.

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