Vapor Intrusion Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Expert long-term management plans and support for your liability peace of mind on impacted sites.

Professional Vapor Intrusion Operation, Maintenance, & Monitoring

Comprehensive site management for your impacted sites through a customizable maintenance and monitoring plan

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The Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring System provides our clients with liability peace of mind through 24/7 remote telemetry monitoring to ensure your installed systems continue to operate as they should.

Plans designed with your long-term cost of ownership in mind.

Our Vapor Intrusion Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring Process

Protect Environmental works with you to develop an efficient, effective, and professional vapor intrusion operation, maintenance, and monitoring plan for your liability peace of mind on impacted sites. Designed with your long-term cost of ownership in mind, our team of experts help you achieve site closure with a plan tailored to your specific project needs.


Our experienced team has worked on vapor intrusion management projects across the U.S.. We possess the knowledge and skills to provide you with an expertly designed long-term vapor intrusion operation, maintenance, and monitoring plan to suit your specific site needs. We work with you to understand your unique project requirements and challenges.


Considering your level of risk and project regulatory and loan requirements, our team constructs an expert vapor intrusion operation, maintenance, and monitoring plan to accommodate every detail. 

Including Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring in your custom plan allows us to save on your bottom line when considering long-term cost of ownership. Eliminate or reduce the need for costly onsite evaluations with 24/7 active remote monitoring on your installed vapor intrusion mitigation systems.


Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring devices can be installed on any new or existing vapor intrusion mitigation system. Our in-house teams are skilled in conducting Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring installation, any required follow-up sampling or analysis, and any mitigation system maintenance service when needed. Our professionals are available to provide operation, maintenance, and monitoring plan onsite support for any project size or location.


With Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring, our clients have online access to our secure cloud-based portal. Here you can see vapor intrusion mitigation system performance reports for factors such as operating pressure, power, and more. Export custom reports to meet your needs.

For systems that do not have Vapor Sentinel™ Remote Monitoring, our team is able to provide follow up reports on any routine analysis or maintenance conducted in support of the operation, maintance, and monitoring plan that was developed.

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24/7 Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Monitoring

Our proprietary remote telemetry technology gives you the peace of mind that your installed systems are running as they should.

Vapor Intrusion Sampling

Professional vapor intrusion sampling and investigation services for your impacted sites.

Your Trusted Partner for Liability Peace of Mind

Providing expert service from trusted professionals for ongoing indoor air quality management and liability protection for any building type. 


A proprietary measurement system to reduce your overall project costs, minimize project turnaround time, and limit hassles for building occupants and management.


Certified professionals possessing the qualifications and experience to design and implement a mitigation system design tuned for optimal long-term cost of ownership for any building type. 


Proprietary products for data collection and reporting to meet lending policy and regulatory requirements, and support ongoing IAQ liability management. 


Expert ongoing operation and maintenance services to ensure your mitigation systems are functioning as designed and your liability is effectively managed. 

The Protect Promise

Expert Service

Our team has completed thousands of projects spanning all 50 U.S. states and 2 U.S. territories. We have a proven track record for challenging the status quo to deliver the most efficient, effective, and economical products and services to our clients. 

Trusted Professionals

Our professionals are licensed and certified to provide our industry-leading indoor air quality services for effective liability management. Protect Environmental is your trusted partner dedicated to your project success.

Peace of Mind Protection

To help you sleep better at night, we partner with you to achieve project closure and establish an efficient and effective long-term management plan on impacted sites. 

Regulatory Guidance

Explore our vapor intrusion regulatory guidance by state resource for understanding your state-specific vapor intrusion management requirements.

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