Vapor Sentinel™ Product Solutions

Advanced telemetry solutions and new construction solutions provide peace of mind protection for your vapor intrusion sites.

Vapor Sentinel Remote monitoring

Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring is the advanced telemetry solution for your impacted chemical vapor intrusion sites. Our proprietary patented product can be installed on new or previously installed mitigation systems.

Vapor Sentinel new construction

Vapor Sentinel New Construction is your ultimate vapor barrier solution for protecting your new developments against soil vapor intrusion. The three-part system works together to create a gas-permeable layer with a simplified installation process. 

What is Vapor Sentinel?

Vapor Sentinel provides the latest in remote telemetric monitoring technology to provide around-the-clock data collection and reporting. You’ll always know your mitigation systems are performing correctly and building occupants aren’t being exposed to harmful VOCs.  Less risk, less cost, and more data collection for your peace of mind

Vapor Sentinel New Construction Systems eliminate the need for costly trenching and aggregate backfill with its stronger-than-concreate gas-permeable layer. The system can be activated, if required, to enhance mitigation and monitoring capabilities – with the Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring. 

Better environmental risk management is possible

Once a vapor mitigation solution is in place, due care of the operation, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) are needed to make sure the system continues to protect building occupants. The Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring (VSRM) system greatly simplifies this OM&M by providing 24/7/365 monitoring of system performance. The monitoring system immediately notifies stakeholders of a problem with the system (e.g. building maintenance, building tenants, regulators, etc.). 

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