Ensuring a Proper Installation of Radon Mitigation Systems


Ensuring a Proper Installation of Radon Mitigation Systems

Ensuring a Proper Installation of Radon Mitigation Systems


Ensuring the proper installation and functionality of a radon mitigation system is crucial for maintaining a safe living environment. In this guide, we explore essential steps to guarantee the correct implementation of such systems and highlight key considerations when selecting a professional team. From evaluating a company’s background and customer reviews to comparing prices and understanding the fine print, this comprehensive overview aims to empower homeowners with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding radon mitigation. Prioritizing the effectiveness and longevity of these systems is vital in safeguarding homes against the dangers of elevated radon levels, making informed choices an imperative step in the process.


There are several ways to ensure that your radon mitigation system will be installed correctly and that you’re working with an experienced and professional team.

Check the Company’s Background

Ask for references and reviews. Home Advisor, Angie’s List, or the BBB and other online resources are a good place to start. Online reviews on Google or even on the company’s website can also be an indicator of customer satisfaction. Review the company’s experience and how many years they’ve been working in the industry.

Compare Prices and Experience

Price differences can represent quality differences. Some people go with low quotes only to find themselves spending much more money to repair low quality systems. The most important part of radon mitigation is to reduce radon levels. Investing on a high quality installation performed by professionals is worth it to keep the radon levels in your home low. 

Read the Fine Print

Some radon companies offer quotes that give a price for a “basic system” and then they offer upgrades or hidden charges. Make sure to read the warranty. Good companies will give you a firm price, a clear scope of work and a detailed warranty or phased solution.

Radon Mitigation Systems Can Be Fixed

Non-working systems can be adjusted to get radon levels down. Low quality parts can be replaced with better materials. Radon mitigation systems can be painted to match the home and look better. If you’re having issues with an old system installation, contact a different company that can help address the problems and get the system back up and running.

Radon mitigation systems are an important expense in any home, they work to keep you and your family safe from toxic radon levels so it’s a priority to ensure they’re working properly. Make sure you evaluate the company installing or fixing your current system and get all the information needed to make a decision. Contact our team of licensed and certified professionals for help with radon testing and installing a radon mitigation system.

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