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Our experts provide certified radon mitigation and vapor intrusion services across Chicagoland and the Prairie State to build and maintain healthier indoor environments for our Illinois communities’ safety and peace of mind.

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Radon levels in Illinois

Illinois ranks 17th on the list of U.S. states with the highest risk for radon gas in homes or office buildings. These potentially dangerous concentrations are especially prevalent in the central and northern counties, including those surrounding Cook County and Chicago.

Radon occurs from the breakdown of Uranium in the ground and can be found at elevated levels in any structure. As radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, it is important to conduct a radon test to know your radon risk.

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Why test for radon in Illinois?

  • Approximately 1 in 2 homes in Illinois have high levels of radon gas present.
  • 38% of homes in the Chicagoland area show elevated radon levels at or above the EPA’s action level.
  • 73 of Illinois’ 102 counties exhibit higher-than-average levels of indoor radon gas.
  • The average mean for indoor radon gas in Illinois is 5.3 pCi/L—above the EPA standard for safety.
  • The EPA recommends that you take action to reduce radon gas when levels are greater than 4 pCi/L.

Radon and Vapor Intrusion Services in Illinois

At Protect Environmental, our qualified professionals provide comprehensive radon and vapor intrusion services for all of Illinois.

Work with the best vapor intrusion and radon specialists in Illinois to build and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable indoor environments for your home or commercial property.

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