Reduce Liability & Add Certainty to Your Vapor Mitigation Projects

Typically, the monitoring of vapor intrusion mitigation systems consists of regular, and costly, on-site visits to assess operating conditions. The time between these assessments risks the potential for undetected system failures that could put building occupants at risk of exposure to hazardous radon or chemical vapors. It’s important to have a long-term management plan for your vapor mitigation projects that protects occupants and reduces your liability.

By adding 24/7/365 telemetry monitoring to an ASD system, it is possible to eliminate on-site challenges and the potential for performance gaps to go undetected. The result is a high degree of certainty that a vapor mitigation system is protecting building occupants at any given time. 

Liability is reduced with defensible data demonstrating current and historical performance to all stakeholders. The  case studies reviewed in the presentation show how a system’s performance was impacted by factors such as weather and building construction.

Vapor Sentinel Remote Monitoring and New Construction Systems provide a better way to manage long-term stewardship obligations on vapor intrusion project sites.

The Remote Monitoring System provides 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of installed mitigation systems and transmits valuable operational data to a secure, cloud-based data portal, a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure, and user-defined alert notifications.

The Vapor Sentinel New Construction System starts with qualified designs generated by NRPP credentialed staff and utilizes the following components: Vapor Mat – gas-permeable layer that can eliminate the need for aggregate backfill, Vapor Barrier –comes in a variety of thicknesses, and exhaust ventilation piping that can either provide a passive discharge solution or be activated by a blower.

Don’t roll the dice on your mitigation system performance! Vapor Sentinel can provide you with an efficient and economical solution to reducing your liability and adding certainty to your vapor mitigation project sites.

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