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Protect Environmental Issued Patent for Next Generation Radon Measurement System

The Radon Sentinel™ Measurement System provides a more efficient and effective solution to minimize turnaround times and reduce costs related to multifamily and large building radon testing project

Louisville, KY, April 6, 2023 – Protect Environmental announced today the issuance of a patent (U.S. Patent No. 11,598,888 B2) for its next generation measurement system developed specifically for characterizing radon potential in multifamily and other large buildings. The Radon Sentinel Measurement System is the company’s second product patent and further strengthens the company’s intellectual property portfolio by providing commercial clients the solution for minimizing turnaround times and reducing costs related to radon testing projects. The system can also be utilized for testing single-family residential buildings.

“We’re excited to bring the benefits of this technology to our commercial clients, as well as the occupants living, working, and learning in commercial spaces nationwide,” Chris Ferguson, Director of Products for the company said. “Quickly providing better quality data simplifies radon risk assessments and minimizes testing project turnaround times, while providing cost savings for the property developers and owners. This technology allows Protect Environmental to better support the needs of our clients, while also better protecting the occupants of these buildings.”

The traditional radon testing approach used to meet lending policy and regulatory requirements creates considerable challenges to transaction timing and represents a significant portion of the overall environmental due diligence budget. When combined with the inconvenience imposed on occupants and property/facility management staff created by repetitive access to buildings to conduct follow-up testing, the traditional approach represents an overly burdensome and costly process to ensure building occupants aren’t being exposed to unsafe levels of radioactive, cancer-causing radon gas.

The measurement system, which includes a compact proprietary active measurement device, overcomes the challenges associated with the traditional testing approach by providing the following key benefits:

  • Minimizes radon testing project turnaround times
  • Avoids costly follow-up testing to prevent transaction delays
  • Reduces overall testing project costs
  • Limits building occupant and property/facility management staff disruptions
  • Provides near-immediate laboratory analysis turnaround times
  • Eliminates wall surface damage caused by traditional pinned devices
  • Provides building occupants with precise, multi-lingual testing conditions guidance 

“Quite simply, the Radon Sentinel Measurement System represents a better way to characterize radon potential in multifamily and large buildings,” said Kyle Hoylman, CEO of the company. “Our clients have been asking for a more efficient and effective solution to better support their radon testing needs. We listened – Radon Sentinel is that solution.”

Additional information about the company’s next-generation measurement system can be found at

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