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Indiana Adopts Emergency Rule for Radon Measurement and Mitigation

Effective July 8, 2020, the Indiana State Department of Health has promulgated an emergency rule updating its radon measurement and mitigation requirements. The rule significantly impacts multifamily and residential care lending transactions being processed through HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Key points of the emergency rule include:

  • as a condition of licensure, radon contractors are required to maintain certification through a proficiency program recognized by the EPA.
  • all measurement, mitigation, and QA/QC activities must be conducted in accordance with the applicable AARST/ANSI standard.
  • a non-licensed person may only perform measurement and/or mitigation on a building that they own and occupy.

If you have a project located in Indiana, consider working with our company to ensure you are in compliance with this emergency radon rule. With a proven track record spanning 15 years and more than 5,900 completed projects across the country, Protect Environmental provides expert service from its trusted professionals to provide peace of mind protection to property owners seeking efficient and effective management of environmental risks and liabilities. For more information about putting our expertise to work for you, contact us today or give us a call at 502-410-5000.

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